Monday, September 8, 2014

The Last Five Years. And the Next!

I'm a multiples of five kind of girl.  Love me some 5s, 10s and 15s.  This Fall marks the five-year anniversary of my re-start in Portland.  Five years ago I started dating this lovely man named Peter.  Five years ago I began teaching theater to tiny tots.  Some things change; others stay the same.

I met with the Moon tonight.  The wind blew and the season changed and the Moon rose and I realized, as good-intentioned as it may have begun, I do myself no favors by worrying about "them" anymore.  It's over for "them."  No more worrying about what "they" think and what "they" might lose.  I am responsible for this big beautiful self of mine and I get to focus on the bright and beautiful road that I have to travel now.  The Moon pulled that strong self up in me - if She can heave the vast ocean in to shore, imagine the effect on my primal and powerful self when She is big and round and O-So-Near!  

The Return of the Haiku! 

Rising like a red
balloon, she skims the High School, 
Impossible Size.

Straight back, strong body,
I let her in.  Hands, heart,
all my eyes open.

Selfish selfishness.
Suddenly reimagined:
Radical self-care.

I'm storing up all
my rage for good use in some
future time.  It leaks.

I'm finding candles, 
at intervals, "follow me!"
I see my own voice.

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