Monday, August 23, 2010

Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

1. Tomorrow is my golden birthday! I am turning 24 on the 24th! :D
2. One of my best friends got divorced today. Her picture looked like someone lit a light bulb inside of her. :) She's free!
3. Tomorrow I will eat chocolate cake made by my wonderful mother who is allergic to chocolate. Isn't that the nicest thing someone could possibly do for you?
4. I felt normal about marriage today. It was a needed feeling. Thank you, Jen.
5. I like to mop. It makes things look clean.
6. I want to paint my next apartment tree-y colors. Like orange. Is that tree-y? I think it works.
7. I'm wearing a Peter-shirt right now. It smells like him - warm and safe and masculine and mine.
8. I am going to a theater callback at the end of this month. :) :) :)
9. I like to sleep with earplugs in.
10. I have two cats.