Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lovely Summer Things

The last time I had a free summer, I had so many plans!  See below:  Summer 2011
This is what I want my summer to be:  beaches and bikes and bright moments.
Feel free to join me in any of the following:
1) volunteering at a beer festival.
2) going to the beach.
3) reading in parks.
4) browsing farmers' markets
5) dressing up
6) dressing down
8) taking dance classes
9) going to a play
10) barbequeing
Then I broke my arm while biking downtown and I felt like a lot of this went down the drain.  It was pretty defeating.  I don't remember much about that summer beyond that.

Let's see.  Summer 2012 was Sound of Music.  Sitting with nuns in a hot cafeteria, watching the beautiful days roll by and feeling cheated of my outdoor time.  I thought Summer 2013 would be better since rehearsals for Steel Magnolias would start later on, but somehow I found myself driving to rehearsal in June and wishing that I didn't have to spend my evenings in a cold church basement and my hikeable weekends in Vancouver.

Part of the problem is that I always have so many expectations when summer rolls around.  I set myself up for disappointment in a lot of ways.  In Summer 2013 I did some wonderful things!  I had two weeks off and for one of them I went to my cousin's wedding in France!!  But I was really unsatisfied in general.  I had a lofty list in my mind and when I reviewed it in September, too many things were left unchecked.  It was sad, really.  I let my fantasy summer make my actual summer seem disappointing.

So.  This summer.  2014.  I do have plans.  Lovely plans.  But I am also aware that I have a tendency to get ahead of myself and become unsatisfied with what is actually happening.  To combat that, I'm maintaining a list of lovely summer things as I do them.  Look at these lovely things!

1.  Biked to work (and home!)
2.  Early morning breakfasts with Mom and/or Dad
3.  Evening walks to Multnomah Village
4.  Spontaneous happy hours with co-workers
5.  Family time - walked the parade! and jumped in a pool!
6.  Watched Orange is the New Black and didn't even feel guilty because I know I'm active enough.
7.  Late night heart-to-hearts with close friends.
8.  Watered my garden!
9.  Read in the sun in my garden
10.  Gone out to eat with Peter

All good things.  And more to come!