Monday, March 3, 2014

Gathering and Re-Gathering

There's a physical thrill that runs through me when the moon returns.  "Hello Lady." I might say.  Or even, "Dear Mother, there you are!"  It is such sweet relief to see that round curve of her appear above me.  The moon and her cycles, her veiling and unveiling, are such powerful reminders that we are coming around again.  There is always another opportunity to journey toward fullness, or to descend into darkness or introversion for a time.  She returns.  She rises and reveals herself again, in her own time, at her own pleasure.

I needed this gentle nudge tonight.  I am struggling to free myself from the mindset that life is a straight line.  I reject that!  I am tired of this feeling that there is only one shot at each hour, each day, each minute, and if I use that hour in a way that is wasteful or unproductive then it is lost forever.  That is such a useless and self-defeating way to think.  And I fall prey to it every day, goddamnit.

Now, I am gathering my body to myself, patting it down and reminding it of our power.  There is no more impatience, no more frustration that I let it all fall away today, that I lost that hard-won centeredness in one fell swoop.  There is only the gathering and the re-gathering.  The journey once again toward fullness.

Hello Lady.  I'm so happy to see you again.