Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lace-up Wedges


1.  Wake up at 6:15am.  Hate everything in your life.
2.  Jump in a cab and go to the train station.
3.  Stand in a ticket queue behind idiots who can't schedule their trip around planned Tube construction and thus have missed their train.   Silently fume.
4.  Go through seven security checkpoints at Heathrow Airport.  SEVEN.
5.  Nap sporadically on the plane.
6.  Thank your mother for anti-anxiety meds that calm your restless leg syndrome.
7.  Tiredly fight with your husband in every airport over the silliest things.
8.  Repeat step five.
9.  Get on a MAX, find your car, drive home.
10.  SHOWER!!!
11.  Put on make-up, make coffee and head out the door.
12.  Lie on the grass outside the concert venue.
13.  Drink Beer.
14.  Watch Ping-Pong while waiting for openers to finish and your band to start.
15.  Listen to other people's conversations.
16.  Repeat steps 13, 14 &15.
17.  Go inside, let loose and enjoy the music.

There should be an even 20 in this list in order to measure up to Lisa List Making Standards, but alas, I am still jet-lagged and oh so tired.  So, there you have it - a good concert experience that I enjoyed. :)  Like being drunk, but not.  What?

Go listen to the Lumineers.