Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Again.

On Sunday I felt very suddenly and strongly that fall was over and winter was here. Thanksgiving seems to mark the end of fall, in some way. And winter is my season.

Sometimes I pretend that this isn't true. I think about how magical summer is and how I was a summer girl. I love summer. I think about how changeful and warm fall is and I want to fit as snugly in it as my friends do. But no. Winter comes and I'm reminded that we belong with one another.

Somewhere along the way Winter became a dear friend, a thoughtful companion, a familiar extension of myself.

You know that warm bubble of contentment and joy that swells under your ribcage when something inexpressibly delightful and comforting happens? I'm feeling that.

Here's the thing, guys. I'm going through a lot of change in my life (when am I not?) and Winter is my time to sit down and unpack all of my mind's drawers and sort everything. And I need to take the time to pull the drawers out of my dressers and empty them in giant piles all around me. I need the time to sit and pick through and turn things this way and that and relabel some of it and then re-fold it or throw it away or hang it up.

Winter gives me that time. oof. There's a lot of time in Winter. A lot of dark time. But I think I'm ready. Let's get down to the bare bones, to the bare arms of the trees. I need to stop. and think. and figure it out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

... waiting ...

I'm making an online photo album of Peter's and my first vacation together, aka our honeymoon. But Snapfish is "unable to save my photo album at this time." I'm supposed to try again in a few minutes. So I have been trying every few minutes and it continues to tell me that it is not ready to save my work. *le sigh*

Want to see some of my pictures?

We like to smoke cigars. NEXT!

This is the first natural bridge we hiked to at the Natural Bridges National Monument.

That is my husband there, hiking along.

I like to hike too. Wee!

I like to think that we're naturally happy people.

That's all. Off to save!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shamrock Run

This March (2011), I will be attempting to run a 15K. Sweet Mother of God, I am already hating myself so much. There is a 5K and 8K also available (Kyle and Dena are running the 5K), but Peter wants to run the 15K with my dad and I don't want to run the 8K all alone, so ... I will be starting a training schedule this week to see if it is possible to run 9.3 miles by March 13.

Please send strong, enduring, healthy thoughts my way.

To be honest, I'm secretly a little excited because I know that this will be so good for me. My body will freaking love me (eventually). But first, everything in my being will hate me, hate Peter, hate St. Patrick's Day, and hate this mother f***ing run.

Please send strong, enduring, healthy thoughts my way.