Saturday, September 18, 2010

And Why the Sea is Boiling Hot ...

Details, details, details.

I suck at them.

Except when I'm awesome at them. Which is only when superhuman effort or purest necessity pry me from my blissful absentmindedness and force me to notice things that need to get done and then actually do them all.

Currently, I am a list-making machine. I have lists everywhere. Life lists and phone number lists and address lists and library lists. Lists have a lovely way of simplifying things. And in my lists there is always a big box next to each thing so that I can make checks as I complete things. Sometimes I write down things I have already done, for the sheer joy of marking a big check in that box.

Today though, I am letting go of a few details. I am going to the beach. I will take a big breath and let it out slowly. Rinse, repeat. And I will not worry about whether the people who don't know one another will find things to talk about. They are competent, capable, confident women. They will discover something to share. I plan to forget a whole shit-load of things today and tomorrow, at the beach. It's on my list. Welcome home, absentmindedness.

Forgetfulness Haiku:

Please remember to
remind yourself to write down
whatever that was.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Of Cabbages and Kings

1. I love James Taylor.
2. Today it is warm and sunny and I walked to coffee.
3. I saw Katie Westerberg today! And met Thomas! What a delightful thing to happen!
4. I'm going to the beach.
5. I encouraged someone to live overseas. :)
6. I love coffee. And now Chai too. That's fun and new.
7. My hair is still red. mmmmm ... happy color.
8. Jessica and Lucas take good pictures together. They're so pretty.
9. Megan Porter writes lovely blogs. They're some of my favorites to read. Write more please, Megan.
10. I'm thinking about good things today. Big, good, non-stressful perspective-giving things. Life can be kind.