Sunday, June 19, 2011

I like new words.

I don't think it's cliche to love long walks on the beach.  They really are refreshing and wonderful.

I like poems.

Sunsets are never over-rated.
          neither is cereal with marshmallows.

                            if I were a bird I would be a crane.

new bangs.

I feel open and hopeful about this summer.
        good friends.  good beer.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Music Box River Ride

Yesterday Kiersten and I spontaneously agreed to meet at a park in NE Portland on our bikes.  There we met up with a large group of hipsters and a collection of other eclectic Portlanders.  A guy rolled up with a trailer attached to his bike that was carrying big speakers and we rode out, serenaded by Queen's "Bicycle."  We biked through the side streets of NE Portland and hooted and hollered at the residents who stood waving from their porches.  Bicyclists took turns stopping traffic while we cruised through intersections on our way to a beach on the Columbia.  The sun was setting, the air was glowing, the wind was warm and the glee was infectious.  Once there, everyone dropped down next to their bikes, cracked open cheap beer and watched a beautiful sunset over the water.  After the sun dropped below the horizon, someone built a fire and soon joints were out and people were drinking and dancing and loving Portland and the start of this delightful summer.  

We rode back in small groups through the dark streets, watching more carefully for cars and waving goodbye when people broke away to ride home.  

This is what I want my summer to be:  beaches and bikes and bright moments.  

Feel free to join me in any of the following:
1) volunteering at a beer festival.
2) going to the beach.
3) reading in parks.
4) browsing farmers' markets
5) dressing up
6) dressing down
8) taking dance classes
9) going to a play
10) barbequeing

Also, these are other Pedalpalooza rides I am available to ride/am interested in riding.  If you want to come with, let me know!  They are so fun!
Monday, June 20th, 6pm: Mt. Tabor - sunset on Mt Tabor with instruments.
Thursday, June 23rd, 9pm:  Unicorn Ride. :)
Friday, June 24th, 7:15am:  Breakfast on the Bridges
Friday/Saturday/Sunday 6:30pm:  Bike Noir - friends of mine from NWCT are doing a play/ride
Saturday, June 25th, 9pm:  Midnight Ridazz - "Those LA kids bring us yet another delightful ride full of terrible, terrible ideas.  Somehow it will all work out."

The last one both scares and excites me. :)  here's the website, come ride with me! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Full Day

I had an emotionally overwhelming day on Sunday.

                    My show closed.

and I had a dance callback twenty minutes later for a show this winter that I really want.
     also, I just started learning how to tap dance this last Thursday.

so ... that's fun.  It was a strange experience.  There I was, with Mandy, Jeremy, Holly and Chrissy, dashing in from the end of our run with all of our clothes in bags, eating cliff bars and putting on character shoes for the jazz number.  But twenty minutes before I had been crying and watching Amber and Everett take a final bow for one of the biggest and best and most important roles in their young lives.  It was a jarring transition.  I cried.  I sat on the floor of the dance studio, eating my protein and hedged in by my lovely cast members and tried to siphon off some of the worst of it.  And then I danced for two hours. :)  And I knew I wouldn't get the routines down perfectly, so I just smiled big and tried to look like I was having the best time of my life.  Which, strangely enough, I kind of was.  Since it wasn't going to be perfect, it was just fun and funny.  I felt full of joy, even when I told the choreographer that I couldn't do a triple time step.  Damn!  I just started learning tap four days ago!  But I worked hard.  I did what I could.  I guess I'll see what happens.  Then I went and watched the Tony's with my fellow White Christmas hopefuls.  and after that went home and wept all over Peter and was put to bed.