Friday, September 26, 2014

Adult Shtuff

There are days when I feel that I am rocking this whole grown-up thing.

Exhibit A:  List O' Things

  1. Went to the doctor for an annual physical exam and got a flu shot!
  2. Scheduled a bill payment and had a conversation with Father about investment
  3. Put away dishes and washed other dishes
  4. Made french toast with homemade challah bread with husband
  5. Did laundry!

Exhibit B:  List O' Other Things
  1. Had a solo and delicious breakfast
  2. Practiced deep, calming breaths
  3. Delighted in the return of well-loved TV shows
  4. Had long talks with old friend and good mom
  5. Biked around Sauvie Island and felt happy and healthy 
This is a day in which I feel proud of myself.  There was a lovely mix of important grown-up accomplishments, guilt-free downtime, refreshing activity and personal connection.  

Thank you Lady for days like this!  Not so rare now, but always fully appreciated.


  1. I want homemade challah bread french toast. :) was all this in one day? I'm feeling like I'm not rocking the adult thing nearly as well as I suspected.

  2. It was! I was weirdly adult-y that day. Don't worry. It didn't last.