Friday, May 8, 2015

Looking Down

"You have strength enough. What you love, you will love. What you undertake, you will complete. You are a fulfiller of hope; you are to be relied on."
- Ursula 
I am in a stage where I am grateful for every little help, each moment of centeredness, each rising moon. Every quote I've collected over the years has come back for me now. My literary friends, Clarissa, Ursula, Anne, they pat me down and stroke my hair as if to say, there there. I draw immense strength from their ministrations.

I am closer to the ground than I have ever been. I rode past a church sign the other day that declared, "When in need, look up, not down." I disagree. Look to the earth. Look to the roots of the mountains.

What does it mean to be closer to the ground? It means that I feel more solid than I have before. I am very tired, but very strong. I am close to the earth so I can sit down easily. I have to sit fairly often because I have to rest. I focus. I breathe. I cry a little. I laugh and feel joy and touch the earth. I give myself a break. I think, I cannot get up anymore, and then I get up. I repeat.

If I am at times myopic, forgive me. I have to focus to make it right now. I have to read the quotes, drink the beer, hug my person and keep moving.

I have strength enough. What I undertake I will complete.

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